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March 7, 2020 nvasave 0 Comments

We are a purpose-driven conscious business. I know it’s a mouthful – but bear with me and I will explain.

The world is full of businesses and people who are solely driven by profit, making more and more money for the sole benefit of their shareholders. Look where that has gotten us: soaring inequality, climate crisis, refugee crisis due to war profiteering, animal cruelty using factory farming, mountains of waste, dying oceans, polluted rivers and lakes, toxic air, loss of bio-diversity, destruction of societies, cultures and ways of life.

As Gandhi once rightly said, “Earth has enough to feed humanity’s needs, but She doesn’t have enough to feed humanity’s greed”.

Our way of doing business is clearly not sustainable and we cannot continue the same way. We need change. We need to change.

With Feeling Arty, we are trying to change this greed-based approach by creating a brand-new, more sustainable and harmonious way of doing business, which can benefit both people and the planet.

We call this approach ‘Purpose-Driven, Conscious Business‘.

Our purpose is to

1. Help artists supplement their income by allowing them to do what they do best, create art and fill the world with beauty.

2. Help art lovers find new artists and affordable art products.

3. Fight climate change.

To learn more about our purpose, please visit our purpose-driven, conscious business page.

To know more about our story, please visit our About Us page.

You can find out more about our Sustainability Pledge here.

Feel free to ask us any question you have about our purpose or anything else by following us on our social media or emailing us at support@feelingarty.com.

I hope you will join us on this exciting new journey called Feeling Arty, and be part of the change.

Kind Regards,
Nilesh Vasave

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