Sustainability Pledge


Sustainability Pledge


We at are committed to minimize our global carbon foot print.

We will reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible while conducting our business.

We will support local and international efforts to stop climate change.

Our Promise:

We will plant 1 tree every 1 items sold through our platform.

How are we doing this?

We have partnered with local and global environmental organisations to achieve this. Our main tree plantation partner for this is:

we encourage our customers, artists and business partners to visit their website and see what wonderful work One Tree Planted is doing. Also, please do your bit and plant trees using their website or give a gift of trees this birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or whichever event you are celebrating today or in near future.

Our Request:

We encourage our customers to buy less and reuse the existing products they have of similar nature or recycle the existing product if they buy a new product from us.

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