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What is a purpose-driven, conscious business practice?

Conscious business practices are a more holistic way of doing business, where a business is:

   1.    Socially aware
   2.    Environmentally beneficial
   3.    Sustainable

conscious business solves social or environmental issues by using the
above principle and, in the process, makes profit without harm to anyone
or anything. Transparency is key.

A conscious business will also always consider every stakeholder an equal partner, including – but not limited to –
employees, suppliers and others involved in the generation of products,
as well as customers, shareholders and of course the environment and
society at large.

Feeling Arty, a purpose-driven, conscious business

At Feeling Arty, we are committed to making a real, positive difference in the world by:

  • Giving
    artists a free platform to display and sell their art, supplement their
    income and gain more appreciation from people around the world.
  • Working hard to promote artists featured on Feeling Arty and their art work to the general public.
  • Spreading joy around the world which comes with admiring, interacting with and acquiring affordable art.

Being socially aware

We do this by:

  • Always trying to find new ways to support communities.
  • Helping
    artists from communities currently underrepresented in the art world,
    such as refugees, as well as or artists who live with physical or mental

Helping to fight climate change

We do this by:

  • Working with environmental organisations to fight climate change which includes our pledge of Planting One Tree for One Product Sold.
  • Collaborating with other local and global environmental organisations to further this cause.

Implementing sustainable practices

We do this by:

  • Creating a product only after it has sold. This means that we do not produce waste through dead stock.
  • Making our supply chain more sustainable.
  • Advocating buying less or not or not at all if a potential buyer has a similar product which they can reuse or recycle. 

We are Feeling Arty, a purpose-driven, conscious business that aspires to play our part in making this world a better place – both for the planet and the people who live on it, now and in the future. Come, join us and be part of our Feeling Arty family.

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