Artist/Partner/Affiliate Terms and Conditions

  1. We at will not own the art. The artist will own the art.
  2. By uploading the art, the artist confirms that the art is original art work created by them and they own all the rights to publish/upload/share/distribute/alter and sell them on our platform.
  3. By uploading their art, the artist is giving express permission to use that art to create merchandise and sell it using different avenues, including but not limited to: online platforms like, Art fairs, shops, supermarkets, promotional events, company deals, individual deals and any other sales opportunities that may present themselves in the future.
  4. If the artist is not happy or does not want us to sell their art or art-based merchandise in a specific event or platform they can contact us via email, letter or, company contact form and let us know the reason. We will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate their wishes.
  5. Apart from the cases outlined above, all artworks sold under the artist’s name can be controlled by the artist themself, including removal of any items at any point they don’t want to continue to sell through
  6. will use the artist’s art and art-based merchandise to promote the platform, the artist themselves and their products in online and offline promotions and events.
  7. The artist can submit as many pieces of art as they want to, but it will be’s decision whether to accept them or not; as well as whether and which type of merchandise to create based on a specific piece of art.
  8. reserves the right to create or remove merchandise or pieces of art, artists or partners/affiliates from our platform without any prior notice or explanations to the artist, partners, or any other involved party.
  9. We will be paying artists and our partners/affiliates periodically. Currently that period is monthly, but we reserve the right to change the payment period in the future. If there are any issues in need of clarification, we reserve the right to defer the payment until such a time as the clarifications has been made and any issues resolved.
  10. All related disputes need to be resolved between the involved parties in good faith. If either party decides to take legal action, this will be in the jurisdiction of London, UK.
  11. We do not sell original art directly. We only host the advertisement of the art for sale on our platform. Artists themselves are sellers of their original art, while processes the payment for them for a commission fee. The commission will be decided on a per-sale basis, but ranges between 30-45%.
  12. In any sale of merchandise, the artist will be paid a commission fee which will be decided at the time of the artist’s registration. Generally, artists receive approximately 25-30% of the profit, which will be calculated after the sale. The corresponding amount will be paid to the artist periodically.
  13. For any sale of merchandise or original art brokered through direct effort by a partner or affiliates the brokering partner or affiliate will receive between 5-10% of the profit. It is in’s discretion whether profit is calculated on a per-product basis or on total sales in a given month.
  14. If original art or art prints are sold via our platform, the artist is completely responsible to fulfil the order in a reasonable timeframe, including but not limited to, wrapping, labelling, shipping (and associated cost, incl. taxes), customer support and the resolving of any disputes. will not be liable or responsible for any activities related to the sale of original art or prints. If an artist wants us to process their payment, we will take a pre-agreed commission fee which ranges between 30-45%. The fee will be collected as soon as the amount is paid into our account and the rest of the payment will be passed on to the artist as per a pre-agreed periodic schedule. We will withhold any applicable taxes for this sale since we are processing the payment. The artist remains responsible for fulfilling the order (shipping, etc).
  15. If an artist decides to leave, they will receive a final settlement once all dues to us have been collected. Any in-progress orders must be fulfilled before we can remove their products from our platform.
  16. By using, artists give us express permission to use their personal data for promotional and selling purposes (related to our platform or their products) on other offline or online promotional / selling platforms like print media; promotional, corporate, public, private, governmental, social events; online platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay; marketing and social media platforms like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, etc; communication platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Wechat, Twitter etc. This is not an exhaustive list this can change as per our requirements.
  17. In case of a merger, buyout or acquisition we will strive to keep the structure of the website and offered services as aligned to the original as possible. If there are changes which require drastic or fundamental changes to the company, platform structure or services we will notify registered artists, partners and customers as and when the changes are confirmed.
  18. Our environmental/social and artist welfare commitments are the corner stone of our ethos and we will strive to retain and improve them as we grow; if any unfortunate circumstances materialise due to which we need to cut back on our commitments, we will explain these to artists, partners and customers know. We will strive to deliver our commitments again as soon as possible.
  19. The name, design, structure and functionions of the website/platform can be changed without prior notice to any involved party. We are committed to transparency and will strive to communicate with the relevant parties. In circumstances where we cannot communicate ahead of making changes due to the nature of the changes and/or speed required to make them, we will inform the relevant parties afterwards, in due course. If an affected party notices changes ahead of formal communications, they are invited to send us a query via our standard support/help channels.
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