About Us

What is Feeling Arty?

Feeling Arty is a platform for artists to showcase and sell their art and art-based merchandise to art lovers. The registration for the artist is free. The merchandise is created with artists’ art work and shipped by us to the customer. The original art is shipped by the artists themselves. Like this, artists generate exposure and income and art lovers get unique pieces of art instead of just run-of-the-mill commercial products.

Our goals

Help artists do what they do best. Create art.
Help art lovers find more unique art for their homes without breaking the bank.
Help the environment by planting more trees and supporting related efforts by others. We will plant one tree for every product you buy.

London is our home

Our story so far...

Feeling Arty started with a conversations between Nilesh Vasave and his friends, who are artists and art lovers from different backgrounds but share a common passion for the arts. A few crucial questions came up again and again.

How can artists be supported to do what they love all the time without having to worry about paying their bills?

How can we connect art lovers with artists more directly to convert their passion for art into something tangible which benefit both? 

Hence, we started the search for ways in which we could achieve these goals. Simultaneously, we knew we wanted to make a bigger contribution to fighting climate change – so the idea of incorporating sustainability as key value started to take shape. The result of all that is FeelingArty.com.

We are based in London, UK, but have supporters around the world, including in India, Taiwan, United States, Europe, and Australia.

We Plant Trees

One Tree Planted are our environmental sustainability partner, helping us to convert a portion of our profits into trees.

People who make Feeling Arty happen...


Nilesh Vasave

Founder, Techie, Entrepreneur, Art Lover


Andres Gutierrez

Brand and Content Director


Tiffany Chen

Artist Consultant

2014 – ST ARTE LTD
(Londn Curator)
2017 – ST ARTE Taipei
(Founder – Curator)
2018 – Taipei auction center, Taipei (Co-founder)

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